life, life, life, and more life.

here it is, life, school, motherhood, money, family, lovers, friends, brothers, parents (dead or alive), and the world.
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We can’t think of a better way to break the ice this summer than to #ShareaCoke.

Why the fuck is there a Coke ad on my tumblr???!!!! I don’t like Coke or ads. I prefer Pepsi any. Fucking taste better!!

I love a greasy spoon. Good morning tumblers!!!

Enjoying my day off. (at Park Avenue Coffee - Gooey Butter Cakes)

I forgot to post this. (at Houlihan’s Brentwood)

I don’t like dogs, but this baby Pit is too cute.

#splitpic @easytigerapps

#splitpic @easytigerapps (at University City Firehouse 2)

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The Slaughterhouse


for the people up at 2:47am, jamming the fuck out, this ones for you. 

Love it

I think this is so elegant. I had no clue Versace made tea cup sets. I would love to have this, plus it looks as if it would make your coffee or tea taste better.

1:27am breakfast.

1:27am breakfast.

Teens, they wanna be adults but won’t do things that define them as an adult. I should know, I used to be one.

Check out the video “Miles Away” by Kristen Helal
🆚 n89
@VideoStarApp #videostarapp

Lemon squares with vanilla ice cream a la mode (hope I spelled mode right) on top. Soo good I made the squares and bought the ice cream. The sweet buttery crust of the squares mixed in with the ice cream, so delicious. Omg!

My girlfriend can be such an ass sometime, I just wanna blow her head up. Since I can’t and I hate prison (I’ve never been there but I can imagine it sucks) I made this video for my enjoyment.