life, life, life, and more life.

here it is, life, school, motherhood, money, family, lovers, friends, brothers, parents (dead or alive), and the world.
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Reblog if you want your followers to ask you random questions.  

Reblog if you want your followers to ask you random questions.  

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I found the etsy app so goodbye money

Yeah, be prepared to spend a lot. I have the app too and I am currently seeking therapy.


We can’t think of a better way to break the ice this summer than to #ShareaCoke.

Why the fuck is there a Coke ad on my tumblr???!!!! I don’t like Coke or ads. I prefer Pepsi any. Fucking taste better!!

I love a greasy spoon. Good morning tumblers!!!

Enjoying my day off. (at Park Avenue Coffee - Gooey Butter Cakes)

I forgot to post this. (at Houlihan’s Brentwood)

I don’t like dogs, but this baby Pit is too cute.

#splitpic @easytigerapps

#splitpic @easytigerapps (at University City Firehouse 2)

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The Slaughterhouse


for the people up at 2:47am, jamming the fuck out, this ones for you. 

Love it

I think this is so elegant. I had no clue Versace made tea cup sets. I would love to have this, plus it looks as if it would make your coffee or tea taste better.

1:27am breakfast.

1:27am breakfast.

Teens, they wanna be adults but won’t do things that define them as an adult. I should know, I used to be one.